Welcome to Coldsnake Digital Corporation.

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    Our Services

    Understanding your business and finding a solution is where we excel.

    Coldsnake Digital has a highly diverse team of professionals that have experience in many different areas of business.

    Some examples of the solutions we have successfully implemented:

    • High availability and globally distributed applications
    • Telecom network provisioning applications
    • Ecommerce and customized drop shipment applications
    • User management systems
    • Workflow management systems
    • Records and document management
    • Compliance for various industries (HIPAA, PCI)
    • Cyber security and encryption implementations for third party applications

    The work we do

    Application Development
    Application Development

    We build web and mobile applications that are beautiful, robust and engaging for end users. Public websites, corporate platforms or hybrid mobile applications are just a few examples of what we are experienced in.

    Server Network
    Network and Server Architecture

    We have the expertise to plan and build the right environment for your application. We are well versed in cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

    Hosting and Managed Services

    We provide experienced devops engineers and network administrators to keep your applications and environment running and up to date.

    Product Development
    Product Development

    This is our happy place. Our team always believes there is a better way, and if that means building it from scratch, it is what we will do. There are several product ideas Coldsnake Digital is actively working on. Stay Tuned!

    Business Analysis
    Business Analysis

    Our experts have experience in understanding your business and needs for the right solution.

    Database and Migration

    Expertise in migrating your data to a new optimized platform to scale with your needs.

    The tools we use

    Coldsnake Digital is technology agnostic, but there are a few go to tools and services we stand by.